RTLOC – Optimising logistics with location intelligence


Frederic Mes
Wim Marynissen
Jasper Wouters


Antwerp, Belgium

Milestones and Achievements

Founded: 2015

Digital tools are a critical element of handling cargo that is individually transported via road and sea. These tools optimise the transport process and make warehouse management more efficient. However, they often lack an important feature: concrete information about the asset’s position. If more accurate positioning and real-time tracking information were available, productivity in logistics would be greatly improved. RTLOC has a solution that fills this need with their continuous, indoor-outdoor tracking devices. The devices are augmented with features such as automatic collision avoidance and advanced real-time debugging. The two-piece system is made up of at least one anchor device and small tags that can be mounted to any surface (or person). Then, you can start tracking objects or even people, like Olympic athletes. During tracking, information about speed, interactions, and other parameters is collected and analysed.

RTLOC’s tracking devices and online dashboard

The RTLOC solution provides highly accurate position tracking of up to 10cm accuracy. To do this they use GNSS and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. By using UWB technology, their solution’s positioning and ranging abilities are better than other radio frequency modules. Their devices collect location and sensor data including but not limited to speed, temperature, and humidity. The sensors send data to a protected online platform where it is processed, stored, and made available via an Application Programming Interface (API). The data can be visualised using their front-end framework or the client can customise their own front-end using RTLOC’s API. Then they can view statistics, monitor the distances between tags, and even track objects in 3D.

RTLOC is a young, innovative company focusing on UWB technology. With their solution, they want to optimise logistics processes and improve the safety of personnel working in these environments. Their commitment to customer support is evident in their remote and on-site support as well as their training offering, ensuring you understand exactly how to deploy the system. The management team consists of three members. Frederic is a senior electronics and embedded software expert, Ir. Wim is a commercially oriented engineer, and Jasper has extensive knowledge of machine learning from his PhD and job experience. Together they are ready to transform the logistics industry.


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