Hands off! It’s my bike.

IT’S MY BIKE helps protect your bike with the use of GNSS and NB-IoT technology. With built-in tracking solutions, e-bike owners may recieve better insurance conditions, adding even more value to their product.

Your digital twin along the supply chain

Packwise uses Galileo technology to digitise & optimise the supply chain. They achieve this with lower costs, fewer losses in containers, reduced carbon footprint and many more advantages the technology enables.

Precision farming: lane by lane

CLAAS uses positining technology to automise steering systems to move towards fully autonomous machinery. Using sensors and cameras to measure yield and GNSS signals to pricesly locate machienery, CLASS takes us a step closer to precision farming!

Toolkit for open education to foster creativity

Re:edu created senseBox, a device to help us understand the nature around us. With the use of GNSS technology, Re:edu solved one of the major drawbacks of environmental data collection. Tracking moving devices allows Re:edu to open the door to a whole new range of applications.

An anchor you can trust

VisionAnchor provides additional security with GNSS tehcnology to help avoid the most common reasons for boat accidents…


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