Progress faster with our
tailor-made tools

Whether you are new to the game or an established IoT or Galileo entrepreneur, it’s time to take your idea to the next level. At Point.IoT, we believe everyone deserves access to tools that support their Galileo-enabled IoT solutions. That’s why we’ve created a self-directed training programme that enables you to develop your ideas at your own pace.

The training programme has two core components. Designed to complement one another, our Point.Entrepreneur playbook and Point.MOOC online training sessions will guide you through the business and technical development of your IoT products and services.

Learn more about our free training resources below:

Point.Entrepreneur Playbook

Take full advantage of the business and development opportunities that arise when you combine IoT and GNSS technologies.

The Point.Entrepreneur playbook will guide you through the five stages of business design: the customer problem, concept design, products and services, business, and finally, the pitch.


Attend 14 on-demand training sessions that will steer the technical and business development of your Galileo-enabled IoT product.

In the first part of our Point.MOOC, you’ll learn all about the basics of creating an IoT business by journeying through the customer problem, product concept design, business model creation and launching your product.

Not sure where to start with Galileo integration? The second part of Point.MOOC examines positioning in our connected world, and dives deep into Global Navigation Satellite Systems and the European system, Galileo.