Real challenges.
Your Solutions.

Our challenges are a result of careful thought and extensive investigation into where Galileo can make a positive impact on IoT solutions. Your technical, business and creative skills will be tested as you generate innovative solutions that adhere to stringent IoT power requirements. Feel free to utilise enabling technologies such as an LPWAN communication layer to support your solution and enhance the performance of Galileo. Don’t forget – these solutions must bring added value to your customers at an enticing price point. Point.IoT works with corporate partners who act as real end-users to validate your solutions and perhaps even become your first client! We can’t wait to support you throughout your Point.IoT journey. To find out more, please review our challenges, criteria and prize opportunities below.

The challenges

Challenge #1

Asset Tracking for Large-Scale Infrastructure

In this challenge, you’ll be asked to design and develop the next generation of asset tracking and management solutions for industries with large-scale infrastructure. Airports, construction sites and power stations are just a few examples of asset-intensive operations that require effective solutions to understand the movements of high-value items both on and off location.

This challenge and its use cases were presented to the 2020 applicants and is now closed.

Challenge #2

Prioritising Personal Safety in the Workplace

In this challenge, your task is to design and develop a real-time risk and location monitoring device that can be worn on or around the body to improve personal safety in the workplace. Safety monitoring systems are required to minimise personal risk in industries with large gatherings and hazardous working conditions. When site managers can better understand the movements of their personnel, they can create a safer environment for everyone on site.

This challenge and its use cases were presented to the 2020 applicants and is now closed.

The Prizes

Tackle our industry challenges for your chance to win!

  • €20,000

    All ten teams will pitch but only one will take home the grand prize.

  • Access to Funding

    Evaluators will select five teams to take part in a leading investor roadshow.

  • Networking

    Meet our corporate partners and who knows – maybe your first customers!

  • Promotion

    Access or network of media partners to promote your innovation in Europe.

How we will evaluate your application

Each application will be evaluated against these six criteria.

  • Market potential

    Does the solution have strong market potential?

  • Level of innovation

    Does the solution demonstrate a high level of innovation?

  • Technical feasibility

    Is the technology implemented in the solution ready for development?

  • Sustainability in the project

    Is the solution supported by a strong and proven set of skills amongst the team?

  • Business model

    Does the solution have a clear commercialisation strategy?

  • Quality of the proposal

    Does the application demonstrate a high level of preparation and consideration for the programe?

Media Partners

The following partners support the promotion
of Point.IoT and its challenges

Geospatial World is the media and public relations arm of Geospatial Media & Communications. With an average of 135,000+ visitors per month, Geospatial World is easily one of the leading media platforms in the geospatial domain, and is a reliable source of information for professionals in 150+ countries.

A hub that spurs creativity and innovation within the space sector in Europe by creating dedicated resources (through a range of articles, interviews, podcasts, reference materials) that support aspiring entrepreneurs in creating a startup, identify barriers to entering the space market and encourage investors to get behind these initiatives.

Geoawesomeness is a blog about geospatial tech and everything awesome around it. They are passionate about gis, maps, location-based apps, geomarketing, drones and remote sensing. With a team of people from all around the world, from different backgrounds, cultures and interests they aim to be not only the best geo-news platform but also to provide constructive commentary about all awesome stuff that is happening in the geo-industry. is the biggest Polish space sector webservice, with a focus on information related to the development of global, European and Polish space sectors. The community around gathers students, graduates, start-up owners/employees, engineers and programmers active in technological companies as well as stakeholders from various public bodies.

Based in France, Aerospace Valley is world’s first aerospace cluster dedicated to the strategic sectors of Aeronautics, Space and Drones, in the Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions. With its 5 excellency ecosystems, Aerospace Valley drives a supportive, competitive and attractive community, aimed at fostering innovation in view of growth.

Making visions reality. Science Park Graz is the high-tech incubator for Graz, Styria and beyond. Driven by a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, they help founders transform their ideas into internationally successful businesses. Since 2016, SPG also manages the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Center for Austria and Southeast Europe, thus covering the entire value chain of incubation.