Eliko – Revolutionising manufacturing with RTLS


Liisa Parv
Indrek Ruiso
Sander Ulp


Tallinn, Estonia

Milestones and Achievements

Founded: 2019

The golden question: how can we optimise processes while maintaining a high level of quality in manufacturing? The current problem in the manufacturing industry is that tracking technologies are not reliable or precise enough for the needs of companies. Plus, there’s no reliable cost-efficient technology that tracks your goods both indoors and outdoors. To address this gap, Eliko has created a highly accurate asset-tracking solution. Eliko tracks the movement of raw materials, semi-produced goods, and end products throughout the logistics and production processes. The tool was developed through a combination of their own Ultra Wideband indoor positioning tool and GNSS infrastructure.

GNSS tags track assets both indoors and outdoors, and with the Ultra Wideband tool as an indoor anchor, the correct goods can be quickly located. Routes are then optimised and the customer can access a transparent overview of their organisation. More specifically, the different location and positioning systems are first combined in Eliko’s unique software engine, and then the exact location of the object is transmitted to the server. This data can also be integrated into any enterprise resource planning (ERP) or material requirements planning (MRP) software.

Eliko tracking devices

Eliko has created a solution that is more cost-efficient than current indoor-outdoor tracking solutions. A customer survey they conducted on the most important aspects of an indoor location tracking system showed the need for higher accuracy solutions, but still with a low cost. Their hope is that this asset tracking solution meets those needs and also improves manufacturing logistics.

Eliko is composed of seasoned experts in the fields of IoT, Industry 4.0, and real-time location systems (RTLS). With 100 product development projects under their belt and a network of 150 clients and partners, their recently established spin-off Location Intelligence Technologies is focusing now on increasing their GNSS expertise during Point.IoT. Their mission is to bring game-changing tracking networks to industrial organisations for higher visibility, security, and productivity.


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