IoT Baseplate – Onsite data intelligence for road traffic


Klaus Heimbuchner
Markus Dorn
Helmut-Klaus Schimany
Stephan Jung


Vienna Airport, Austria

Milestones and Achievements

Founded: 2021
Winner Galileo Masters Austria 2020

2nd place i2b Businessplan Award 2020

Winner Constantinus Award 2018

Finalist Austrian State Prize for Mobility 2018

High-quality data is essential for smart cities and the digitisation of transportation services. However, this data is often insufficient or even non-existent, especially during temporary traffic events such as roadworks. This gap in traffic and road data during these events often lead to accidents and unnecessary congestion. IoT Baseplate’s idea to minimise this gap is ingeniously simple. They have expanded upon the standard road K1 TL baseplate and turned it into an integrated hardware and software modular system. This new portable IoT solution detects, analyses, and communicates digital traffic data. It can function as either a stand-alone solution or in a network, so its flexibility in different use cases is a real advantage.

The IoT Baseplate is seamlessly integrated into existing K1 TL baseplates and has been designed with optimum protection in mind. With its cutting edge platform, IoT Baseplate is able to incorporate the latest technologies such as GNSS, radar, Bluetooth, lasers, LiDARs, gyroscopic sensors, and LEDs, as well as C-ITS units. IoT Baseplate smartly detects traffic, environmental and infrastructure data, and it is ready to go without the need for mounting or external power supply. The start-up has tailored their solution for administration, infrastructure operators and traffic management centres in the European public sector.

The IoT Baseplate box

The minds behind this solution have been working on it together since 2018 and are getting ready to test their solution in the field. Their goal is to take IoT Baseplate to market in 2022. The team of four have backgrounds ranging from traffic engineering, traffic telematics, and information technology to entrepreneurship and sales. They have all been involved in numerous projects with GNSS and IoT solutions and have already won several awards for IoT Baseplate. The team wants to contribute to making traffic on our roads safer, more efficient, more transparent, and more ecological. As cities transform, infrastructure operators need flexible and integrated solutions to comply with road guidelines and meet the challenges of the digital revolution. With their trustworthy IoT Baseplate system, high-quality data can now be collected during construction and other temporary traffic events.


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