And the winner of Point.IoT 2020 is… LESS Industries!

The top 10 start-ups developing innovative IoT and GNSS solutions have reached the finish line of Point.IoT. Congratulations to Less Industries for taking out the top prize.

This dynamic team creates IoT monitoring solutions that give their customers real-time information about their operations. They will receive a cash prize of €20,000. Read on to see how they took out the #1 spot.

The top 5 teams from the Demo Day took part in the Tech Tour Space Investment Programme on 15 December with more than 100 participants.

On 8 December all 10 teams participated in a Virtual Demo Day, where they pitched their solutions for solving important industrial problems and challenges. This was the culmination of their hard work after a two-day bootcamp and a three-month technical and business development sprint.

The top 5 teams from the Demo Day were then invited to pitch at the Tech Tour Space Investment Programme pitching sessions on 15 December that saw more than 100 participants join in. They pitched their ideas to a large crowd of investors, experts, and fellow tech start-ups. The Tech Tour Space Investment Programme is designed to help start-ups developing solutions in the space sector or developing applications based on satellite data to secure investments for their product.

The teams pitched for investors such as the UK National Space Academy, ERA Kapital, ALTYN, and Montserrat Corominas. The winners were chosen by an Expert Jury of VC and corporate investors, and are invited to present at the World Tour in March 2021 – LESS Industries included. This exciting opportunity will give LESS Industries the chance to present their solution to all the winners from the different Tech Tour Programmes along with a great number of investors and guests from Europe, the United States, Eastern Asia, Middle East and Western Africa.

The top five teams to participate in the Tech Tour Space Investment Programme were LESS Industries, Dronetag, Epic Blue, Precision Navigation Systems, and ELIKO.

  • LESS Industries uses Galileo data to geolocalise their devices. The gathered data is sent to the LESS Cloud, where customers can either view the processed or raw data. Read more about them here.
  • Dronetag makes drone flights safer and more connected with their IoT device and application. Check them out here.
  • Epic Blue’s location tracking solution relies on AI and Galileo data to track first responders, even in GNSS denied environments. Read about them here.
  • Precision Navigation Systems enables users to easily access all GNSS signals and data under one interface. Check out their tool here.
  • ELIKO improves manufacturing productivity with their precise, indoor-outdoor location tracking tool. Read about this experienced team here.

Congratulations to all the teams who participated in this exciting technology challenge! IoT and GNSS offers unique and necessary solutions to large-scale asset tracking and management. Good luck to the teams as they continue on in their start-up journey. Here are some images from the Tech Tour Space Investment Programme.


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