What does it actually mean to connect the un-connected and how should it work?

e.Ray works at the front line of this change with several innovative products. They had to keep in mind the needs and limitations of their target group. Finally, they developed a solution that merges aspects of satellite communication, earth observation, IoT and turbine driven energy production in just one device.

The e.Ray monitoring system

Drive the revolution

To start the revolution e.Ray had to begin at the very essential of an industrial world – energy. They decided to use the available green energy in rural areas, which are mainly flowing water and solar. It provides at a water velocity of around 2m/sec an output up to 1,300 W. On top of this basic layer they added several smart devices like environment sensors (pH-value, temperature, water level, energy production) and internet access via SatCom and WiFi. This basic setup can supply a whole community and easily be scaled with the demand of the community.

e.Ray product

At the heart of the revolution – EMOR

EMOR (energy and management of rivers) is the core solution by e.Ray. It is a swimming energy independent satellite-based measuring station that collects real-time river information and sends flood warnings to the rural population, if necessary. The key element is the water level sensor, which receives through GNSS signals the XYZ-coordinates of the floating power station. The u-blox chip with an integrated RTK module delivers an accuracy at a level of 10 cm. The data is collected on an onboard memory and from there transferred via GSM Gateway with a frequency of 15 minutes to the database. At the same time data of an ashore verification station enters the cloud solution and can be compared to the changing river level. An individual alert threshold then can send out warnings.

Disruptive and more than tech

Before, life was affected by the goodwill of nature and abilities were limited. e.Ray’s technology enabled pupils to go to school instead of collecting firewood as well as doing their homework after sun set. It enables craftsmen to use machines instead of hand tools only, which increased productivity and wealth. And finally, the monitoring system increased the overall safety for the community.

Galileo ensures higher accuracy

e.Ray is desperately waiting for the hardware to become Galileo-compatible. “We want to reach a 1-2 cm level accuracy by using the Galileo High Accuracy Service, HAC”, says CEO Sebastian Lemke. “With that we will strengthen the reliability of EMOR enormously.”


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