Xylene – Transparency for your supply chain. Verified.


Christopher Edwards
Giuseppe Benenati


Reutlingen, Germany

Milestones and Achievements

Founded: 2019
Awards: Winner Galileo.Copernicus Synergy Challenge 2020

Winner Galileo Masters 2019

Top-10 ESA Start-ups 2020

Companies are facing pressure to better understand their supply chains as new legislation is introduced by national governments. Pressure is not only coming from legislation though, consumers are now also demanding greater transparency. It is becoming increasingly important for them to understand where their products are coming from, and the carbon footprint created by product transportation. Xylene is a traceability solution for international supply chains to help companies become compliant and establish transparency along their supply chains. With Xylene’s solution, you can visualise a material’s journey from origin to its final destination. Producers can also share a product’s journey with their customers and other stakeholders. This user-friendly system provides companies with a solution that is easily implemented across the entire value chain and increases supplier confidence in their products.

How do they do this? Xylene’s advantage lies in its authenticated proof of origin and Chain of Custody (CoC) records for raw materials. The solution combines Earth observation data from Copernicus together with Galileo satellite positioning technologies to achieve its highly accurate record of CoC. First, suppliers collect operational data, such as process steps in the supply chain, with Xylene’s mobile application. These data are geo-referenced with positioning, navigation, and timing information from Galileo. They are then tracked, complemented with Earth observation data and encoded in the database. Finally, once the data has been timestamped and validated, all stakeholders along the supply chain can see the data on Xylene’s web dashboard.

Xylene’s dashboard app

Xylene has been developing its traceability solution since 2019. Their goal has always been to thoroughly reflect the expectations of international supply chains for ethical and sustainable compliance. The team is made up of two entrepreneurs. Christopher holds an MSc in supply chain management, and Giuseppe has a double Masters degree in mechanical and manufacturing engineering, with an impressive track record of software and mechanical engineering work. Xylene is now targeting early adopters to implement their solution in a 6-9 month pilot. Their vision is to become a leader in supply chain traceability software and give consumers full transparency over where their products and raw materials come from.


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