Passive Eye – Always on, always monitoring, NO battery recharging


Jerome Rush
Jingjing Huang
Anthony Fulgoni


London, United Kingdom

Milestones and Achievements

Founded: 2015
Awards: Wayra Open Innovation Hub 2015

Plug and Play IoT Accelerator 2016

Geovation Academy 2017

United States patent 2019

3x European Commission Seal of Excellence 2019, 2020

Existing GPS trackers that monitor corporate containers and assets may not be very expensive, but what happens when the battery runs out and the tracker is nowhere near you? Passive Eye has developed a self-powered, self-sustaining tracker that eliminates that extra administrative and manpower requirement. It tracks, monitors, and protects land and marine-based assets and never needs to be recharged, thanks to its dual ambient energy harvesting system. This portable solution not only monitors location, but also provides asset utilisation and efficiency graphs. In addition, it monitors shock loads and tilt, and can send damage event reports with the time, date, and location of an incident. For assets that should not be moved, Passive Eye acts as an anti-theft alarm and sends you SMS and/or email alerts, as well as location information and aid recovery.

So why does the Passive Eye solution never need to be recharged? Its dual power management system is always harvesting energy and provides an unbroken power supply. To make this possible, the amount of power required to establish a geo-location must be minimised. It does this by periodically uploading an ephemerous file for the Galileo system and then uses the GPS Snapshot technique to locate the number of satellites required for geo-positioning. This enables a location fix in just 16 milliseconds, with an accuracy of 10-15 meters, and the solution uses only 1/100th of the power normally needed to find a geo-location. With this advantage, Passive Eye is the ideal solution for the shipping, transport, and logistics industries, as well as for high value equipment operators in the construction, mining and farming industries.

The Passive Eye tracker

The Passive Eye team first came up with the idea for a self-powered tracker after hearing about the abduction of a child in Wales, which resulted in the biggest manhunt in UK history. They developed a working Proof of Concept to track toddlers, Alzheimer sufferers and pets, but then pivoted to the corporate market once they realised that those battery trackers all relied on manual battery recharging. The start-up is made up of entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience in IT, manufacturing, electronics engineering, sales, and marketing. Since pivoting, they have secured a patent in the United States for their energy harvesting and power management technology, as well as the European Commission’s Seal of Excellence. Passive Eye is now seeking late seed funding and is ready to enter the market. Their goal is to become the world’s leading company in asset tracking and monitoring.


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