Loctio – Democratising precise location capabilities for IoT devices


Lazaros Kapsias
Panos Galiatsatos
Marios Karagiannopoulos
Nikos Kanistras
Christos Makiyama
Gonzalo Seco Granados
Jose Lopez A. Lopez Salcedo


Egaleo, Greece

Milestones and Achievements

Founded: 2019
Awards: I4MS SAE Quality label for ESGR TTX experiment

Asset tracking is essential in today’s globalised world, where objects are constantly in movement. Better tracking helps anticipate problems and efficiently monitor business operations in real time. From businesses to customers, everyone would agree. Keeping track of billions of devices in real-time with IoT devices consumes a large amount of energy. Loctio has developed a low-power, highly accurate Location as a Service (LaaS) positioning solution that reduces the amount of processing taking place directly on an IoT device. This allows them to minimise on-device power consumption and offer clients a more cost-effective long-term solution. With many industries relying on accurate and real-time positioning, Loctio holds the solution to efficient tracking.

Loctio’s IoT tracking and positioning devices use edge and cloud computing in tandem for improved device performance. The devices run most of their processing functions with edge computing to allow for a faster transfer of data and lower on-device power consumption. The on-device processing only takes 5-20 milliseconds and does not require any additional time to sync. This enables them to reduce the excessive power consumption IoT devices suffer from when calculating their position with GNSS and results in much lower operational costs. Thanks to their integration of both cloud and edge computing, Loctio devices consume a minimal amount of power while providing the same accuracy in tracking and positioning as other LaaS solutions. Their devices are ideal for use in the marine, transport, agriculture, and health industries.

Screenshot of the LaaS Dashboard

Loctio founder Lazaros gained experience in the start-up world while developing advanced Wi-Fi core technology in his previous start-up, Antcor SA, which was eventually acquired by u-blox AG. During his work there, he recognised that the high operational and power costs of IoT devices left them with an unnecessarily high environmental footprint, due to the environmental cost of disposing batteries. He realised that with the right approach he could build a low-power tracking device. Then he built a team made up of computer engineers, digital design engineers, wireless communications & GNSS PhDs, and telecommunications engineers to support his vision. Loctio has expanded to multiple locations in Europe, as well as in Tokyo. Their goal is to disrupt positioning technology in the IoT universe. The company has already raised pre-seed financing and is leading the way in low-power, accurate positioning for asset tracking.


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