Iviso – Tomorrow’s innovations today


Nicolas Thorstensen
Thomas Hamböck


Vienna, Austria

Milestones and Achievements

Founded: 2015
Awards: Bayer Grants4Tech Award 2017

2nd Place Zeiss Robotics Innovation Competition 2016

Digital Metals AI Hackathon 2020

As the mobility and robotics industries continue to advance, machine perception solutions need to become ever more efficient, precise, and affordable to be deployed and adapted on a large-scale. Iviso offers an Automation as a Service (AaaS) platform that allows their customers fast automation capabilities for a quicker return on investment. To create the automation as a service offering they provide an IoT gateway called the EyeND sensor. EyeND is a multi-sensor module that goes beyond what is considered precise in current positioning solutions. It localises and maps objects both indoors and outdoors with extreme precision due to its combination of motion sensors.

EyeND combines GNSS data & signals with data from five different camera streams, Inertial Measurement Units, and external LIDAR data. It has a 360° viewing angle and its internal processing unit is outfitted with proprietary Iviso calibration, image processing, Virtual I/O, and mapping programming tools.

Iviso also has an open platform for automation services that has several functional layers. The first layer collects sensor data, while the second enables vehicle navigation based on maps and the collected sensor data. The third functional layer adds semantic information to the secondary navigational layer. This AaaS platform adds automation capabilities to a mobile platform and can be used in industries such as construction, robotics, and the automotive industry.

Iviso’s EyeND multi-sensor module

Iviso got its start in Austria with entrepreneurs Nicolas and Thomas. Nicolas’ background is in computer vision and machine learning, and Thomas is a computer engineer. They hope that through Iviso, they can support a more efficient, sustainable, and resilient logistics industry. Their goal is to have the Iviso platform running in every logistics centre around the world and to empower robot autonomy. They are currently testing their technologies in the field and excited about entering the market.


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