E2O.Green – One small step from EO to green space energy optimisation


Dario Vuljanko
Igor Magdalenić
Dinko Matković
Siniša Ilakovac
Jure Pražnikar
Miha Peroša


Zagreb, Croatia

Milestones and Achievements

Founded: 2020
Awards: ESA Sentinel Hub NoR sponsorship

Startup with IBM programme

Finalist PowerUp! Challenge 2019

Alumni Primer Accelerator

Copernicus Accelerator 2020

Even with the use of drones and smart sensors, managing green spaces such as golf courses is still inefficient and expensive. But by incorporating IoT, satellite data, and artificial intelligence (AI) into current methods, the overall energy and cost effectiveness can be greatly improved. Start-up 3D EMS has developed an innovative green space solution that unleashes the power of real-time analytics and AI for an eco-friendly green space management solution. Their product E2O.Green is an intelligent platform that enables golf course and urban green space management companies to effectively manage assets and field operations with a powerful combination of satellite and drone imagery, along with in-situ data. Compared to competitors, it offers lower energy consumption due to its ultra-low power system that uses a MSP430 Microcontroller.

The E2O.Green AI platform builds visual recognition models for golf course and green space monitoring. It uses Galileo data for precise positioning and to attain the position of golf players and maintenance crews. Then it integrates E2O.Green Galileo-enabled IoT sensors, which detect environmental elements such as air temperature, humidity, and light. It can also connect with other custom sensors that detect ultraviolet light, greenhouse gases, and the ambient air composition to create a picture of the space’s ecological conditions. This data is collected, sent, and stored on the cloud. There, a machine learning model creates irrigation, mowing, and maintenance optimisation recommendations, which can lead to major savings for the customer. Customers access these recommendations directly through the easy-to-use E2O.Green app.

Display of the E2O.Green golf course management platform

.3D EMS was founded in 2020 by a tight knit team of experienced international experts in the fields of space tech, AI and IoT. Their backgrounds are in GNSS/GSM, IoT, user experience design, and Earth observation, among others. They are passionate about developing next-gen software and hardware products as well as space data value added services. They are testing their solution on two test sites in Croatia, and they already have several clients interested in E2O.Green. Their dream is to bring AI, IoT, and remote sensing-based solutions to all types of greens surfaces.


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