Why we should embrace the next generation of IoT technology!

IoT is about to have a significant impact on the world of business – are you ready for it?

Point.IoT challenges entrepreneurs and developers to apply their knowledge of IoT and Galileo satellite technology to create the next generation of industry solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a huge impact on our lives already, even if we’re not always fully aware of it. Our current use of smartphones and the internet keep us connected and provide access to an incredible amount of information and data whenever we need it. While this technology is mostly understood and used in the context of smartphones, wearable devices, smart speakers, smart homes and stores like Amazon Go, the real opportunity of IoT technology is bringing connection and efficiency to industry through the integration of satellite technologies, and area of innovation we’re hoping to empower. Point.IoT is our new programme designed to give ambitious entrepreneurs the chance to develop and showcase their knowledge of IoT technology and European satellite positioning to bring new solutions to relevant industry challenges.

IoT innovation

Whether you’re in finance, food and beverage, agriculture or construction, all industries will be impacted by the transformative solutions enabled by IoT. Supporting technologies such as 5G, cloud computing and satellite positioning are opening up more opportunities for IoT innovation. One example is Galileo, Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), which brings accurate, robust and reliable information that benefits IoT devices, especially in urban environments. Advances in GNSS technologies are significantly reducing energy consumption and lower costs are opening up the possibilities for creating solutions using IoT and Galileo technologies.

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Seamless global connection

IoT enhances the connection between our digital and physical lives and our remote capabilities. With smart devices connected to the internet, we’ll be able to control other devices, appliances and vehicles through an app on our phones. This will allow a new kind of remote work and management with an enhanced ability to share data and information around the world.

Encouraging collaboration and innovation

IoT can transform factories, business and entire industries. This technology encourages and supports greater collaboration and innovation between business and between industries. Lower costs and the continued development of IoT components are making it more accessible to smaller businesses. With greater collaboration among businesses of all sizes, it is easy to see an entirely new wave of ideas aiming to solve the global challenges we are facing today.

Utilising real-time data

With the value of data described as ‘the new oil’,  IoT tech is opening up new avenues for data to be collected and applied to businesses to truly extract the value in it. This innovation doesn’t just help business profits and productivity, it also has personal safety applications – in a smart workplace, risks can be identified ahead of time and locations of site workers can be warned of unsafe environments with location monitoring.

IoT technology is a growing market full of opportunity and innovation working towards solving real challenges faced by business and society today. We believe there are already a lot of great ideas out there that just need a little help to become a reality. Point.IoT challenges entrepreneurs and developers to apply their knowledge of IoT and Galileo satellite technology to create the next generation of industry solutions.

Wondering if you’re a good fit for Point.IoT?

We’re looking for participants with a diverse range of skills. If you’re working on a start-up developing IoT and Galileo solutions, studying or researching these technologies, an entrepreneur with a commercial solution in mind or a talented software or hardware developer we encourage you to check out our challenges and apply for Point.IoT.

Put your IoT development skills to the test and solve industry challenges with Point.IoT!


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